Kolekcja Killtec

The winter wonderland of Norway is a natural paradise for children full of things to discover. Especially the area surrounding Hemsedal has a great range of things to offer. Adventurous husky tours, robust wooden lodges and wonderfully prepared beginner slopes invite the whole family to enjoy the winter – optimally equipped in an outdoor outfit by killtec.


It is not without reason that the region surrounding Hemsedal is known as ‘Norway’s Alps’. Both big and small can expect ideal conditions here to ski, sled or go on a husky tour

Leave your lodge and join the snowball fight or sledding party! That will give you rosy cheeks and awaken your spirits. Moreover, you are ideally protected with the welded seams of the killtec jackets. Following that, you can warm up at the campfire anyway. Perhaps one of the mystical trolls will appear. The mythical creatures are said to have been living in the forests of Norway since time began, after all. Unfortunately, they are rarely seen, but in the shape of a quaint figure they are a perfect souvenir to take back home.


Hemsedal is a great place to enjoy in winter even for children. Norway is extremely child-friendly and great offers and promotions have been setup for young guests everywhere.

The world of Valle, the snowman, awaits all the young skiers in the snow covered kid’s world. Here the children can practice on the magic carpet or measure their speed in the Donald Duck & friends’ self-timer. Everything is available at the ‘Gaupeland’: A children’s merry-go-round, magic carpet, wave run, kids lifts, tepees, adventure parkour course and of course a skiing school for the youngest guests.The functional fashion of killtec takes part in any games and thanks to the many reflective elements, the kids cannot be missed.


The numerous easy slopes, exciting forest runs and great skiing attractions thrill all the kids. If you are not in the mood for the skiing circus, you can also join the sledding, ice climbing or winter golf options. Should the kids get a bit too warm at any point, the killtec hood can be easily removed.


The children may join the ski school as of the age of 3. There, they will learn to master the slopes in a playful way, get to make new friends from other countries and have lots of fun together. When the children become hungry after the many activities, the Alpin Lodge is the place to enjoy a delicious sandwich. You can also order thick burgers at Hemsedal Burger. More information regarding schools, games and fun on