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Hemsedal is Norway’s popular ski resort with guaranteed snow. Boasting 52 alpine slopes and a total of 210 kilometres of cross-country tracks, Hemsedal offers incredible opportunities to develop for everyone. And yet, Hemsedal has a lot more to offer: unforgettable husky rides through forests and across frozen lakes, ice fishing for a fresh fish for dinner or a horse-drawn sleigh, which is ideal for a romantic ride for two.


Charismatic Johann and his husky farm have even been real movie stars. The movie ‘Nobody wants the night’ was filmed here, starring Juliette Binoche.


Whether in Hemsedal or Lapland … A husky tour is popular all over Norway. Johann’s husky farm in Hemsedal is our favourite. You can experience unforgettable excursions with his sled and fast huskies. 43 dogs, 2 puppies, 2 horses and 1 cat live at his farm. And you cannot get lost there, by the way. For you cannot lose your way on a husky tour. The dogs do not only have a great nose, but also an excellent sense of direction. And just like the multi-layered jackets by killtec, they optimally adapt to the cold. Information about the husky tours are available at http://www.hemsedalhuskies.no/.



The Skarsnuten is one of the most amazing hotels of the Scandinavian ski regions.You have an uninterrupted view of the breath-taking panorama thanks to the generous glass surfaces.


You do not have to spend the night here necessarily. Even just a small break at this hotel is worth your while. The hotel offers small and excellent snacks on its terrace which boasts a breath-taking view. Here your eyes and taste buds will be pampered simultaneously. If you are into après-ski partying in this region, you should check out the Stavkroa Bar. A total of six bars are offered here on two floors. There is music to match any taste and live bands ensure a great mood.



Is there anything more fitting, than ending a day of skiing in one’s own wooden lodge? We found our sophisticated, rustic house of our dreams on Airbnb.


Do you feel like kos? Kos in Norwegian basically means cuddling/canoodling/comfort. It is an essential word to under- stand the heartfelt nature of Norwegians.The tough dark winters mean that Norwegians enjoy staying home where they like the warmth of the hearth and cuddle up in a warm blanket.Those who enjoy something cosy right on the ski slopes should stop by Skigaarden. Style is combined with an incredibly cosy ambiance here. You can enjoy self-service or à la carte dining until 23:00 and then slip down to the valley via the illuminated slope.The cold of the night is naturally kept out with the trousers and jackets by killtec.

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